Andrew’s latest interview with Logan is a must-listen IMO

Like most other people in the Domaining world, I read and listen to as much as I can about other people who are buying and selling domain names. I do the same thing with startup and VC blogs. In my opinion, you can read as many books as you want with “theories” about how to do things…but there’s no better teacher than someone who is actually doing it.

Andrew, publisher of the popular domain blog shared an interview today with Logan Flatt, a domain investor based in Dallas that’s one of the best I’ve heard.

What I like about Logan is that he’s always been very transparent about the sales he makes, what kind of names he buys, and where he buys them.

The vast majority of names Logan buys (around 85%) are expired domains and he stays pretty darn focused on .COM. What Logan shares in this interview is something that many new Domainers can learn from and at the same time, there’s some solid nuggets for more experienced Domainers which is what I think makes it such a good one.

Thanks to Andrew and Logan for putting together such a solid interview. For anyone out there who thought they were “too late to the game” listen to this interview and get to it, the opportunity is still very much alive and well, for those willing to listen and learn.

You can check out the interview here, enjoy!

For those wondering where my weekly news post is…don’t worry. I’m experimenting with different days so seeing how Tuesday looks this week!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton