Affiliate Summit West 2011: Day One

Affiliate Summit West 2011 kicked-off today at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas and I’m excited to share day one with all of you. I was jamming today going from seminars to the Meet Market and back again, and again. Don’t know what the Meet Market is? Let me explain!


The Meet Market at Affiliate Summit is hands-down one of the best events I have ever experienced at a conference. I was first introduced to the Meet Market last year and after the first five minutes I was hooked. The Meet Market is a large room completely packed with companies from major Affiliate Networks like ShareASale to individual merchants.

There is no better way to network in person with tons of companies covering just about every niche you could imagine. Right now I’m looking for affiliate offers in a number of different niches from credit/debt to health and beauty. At the Meet Market there is literally a company for every niche you can imagine.

Of course I always like to look for trends to understand which niche might be the hottest in the coming year. In my final analysis I’ll give you a full report on what trends I see in the Affiliate Marketing space in 2011…but you’ll have to wait until I have a full three days to soak it all in!


While the Meet Market and Seminars were in full swing exhibitors were busy setting-up their booths and getting ready for the opening of the exhibition hall on Monday. On Monday I have a ton of meetings scheduled with current partners as well as a number of new companies I’m looking to work with in 2011.


Of course one of the best parts of Affiliate Summit is their outstanding seminars. The conference brings together top experts in the industry for some really incredible sessions spanning topics from lead generation and affiliate marketing to mobile advertising and business development.

Today I went to three seminars:

  1. Web Redesign by the Numbers
  2. Local Lead Generation Heaven and Hell
  3. Using Datafeeds to Monetize Sites

I took a ton of notes and learned a lot in each one of these seminars…and of course I’ll share some of my insights from each of these in an upcoming post.

So what can I say about day one of Affiliate Summit? It has connected me up with tons of new partners in every niche I monetize and provided some incredible insight into how I can really maximize the monetization potential of my sites. Remember, while I am a Domainer I am building real companies here and the domain name is just a part of the brand.

If you’re going to turn your domain name into a business you need a clear path to monetization. Affiliate Summit is one of the top shows in the world for learning how to make money with your domains.

Tomorrow will be jam-packed with meetings as I setup deals for,,, and about fifteen other companies I will be launching this year. 2011 is going to be a BIG year and I couldn’t imagine a better way to get started.

Okay – enough blogging…it’s 9:47PM, I’m in Vegas and ShareASale is holding a private party at Tryst in the Wynn. The party is just starting…why aren’t you here!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton