Adding a BIN price to a For Sale landing page does impact inbound offer volume

So I’ve been running a little experiment over the last few months with the For Sale landing pages that I’m using at Efty. The change I made seems like something relatively small but the impact has been fairly noticeable. What did I do?

I added a BIN price.

In adding a BIN price I decided to retain the “Make Offer” form below so that a prospective buyer could still make an offer if they wanted to. Here’s a look at what the above-the-fold looks like on my current Efty landers:


The current landing page I am using is called “Hong Kong” hence the image in the background. One thing to note about this landing page is that you do have to scroll to access the form. Below is what you see once you scroll down the page or click the “Make an Offer” button:


So, like the post title says, after making this change I have seen an impact on inbound offer volume – it has gone down. That being said, while I’m getting less offers than I did before, I’m spending a lot less time dealing with tire kickers. Still I think there are two reasons that my offer volume has decreased:

  1. You have to scroll to get to the form. People are lazy, they see the domain, see the price, and if that isn’t the price they had in mind, they probably leave and never return.
  2. The BIN prices themselves might be scaring people away.

After running this experiment for a few months I have decided I’m going to move back to a more standard offer form landing page. I’ll take the tire kickers because sometimes a tire kicker actually turns into a real buyer so I’d rather engage with more potential buyers than less, period.

Still, I’d be interested to hear what you, my readers think. Have you experimented with adding a BIN price to an offer page? What was your experience? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton