Aaron Oxborrow sold Parrot.io, Promptly.io, and five more .IO domains in the last month

Aaron Oxborrow - .io sales

Today the tweet above caught my eye. Aaron Oxborrow, who it’s safe to say has the coolest glasses on Twitter sold seven .io domains in the last month. That’s more than a name a week and there’s one particularly hot name on that list – Parrot.io.

What was interesting to see is the price range he sold these names in. Someone on Twitter asked him, and Aaron obliged:

First, go Aaron – this is awesome. I’m sure he locked in an amazing profit margin and selling seven names in a month is absolutely amazing. That being said, given this information I do think he let one name go for too little…Parrot.io.

If he sold these domains for between $500 – $3,000 I’ll venture a guess that Parrot.io was what went for $3,000 and IMHO this is a $25,000 name. The other domains he sold, yup – those seem like $500 – $1,500 names in my mind but Parrot.io is in a different category. Once again, just my opinion and if I was Aaron I would have probably sold six out of the seven so we’d end up in a similar spot.

Animals are a different beast in the domain world, they’re hard to come by and some of them are just damn awesome, Parrot, Gorilla, Dog, Cat, Fish, and of course there’s more, but my point is Parrot’s on the list.

Like I said, great sales and Aaron probably did better from an ROI standpoint than any real estate investor or stock market investor so if I were him I’d be super jazzed either way. Congrats to Aaron, and if you’re reading this, did I get the $3k name right?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton