A super easy way to get UDRP-safe landing pages on your domain names

When I was at NamesCon a few weeks ago I had a conversation with a new domain investor who wanted to know about the UDRP risk that could come with having a “for sale” landing page on her domain names. My normal answer here used to be, “well as long as you aren’t cybersquatting – i.e. buying domains that infringe on trademarks, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about,” but that has changed given the rise in malicious UDRPs.

I wrote quite a few articles last year about highly valuable three letter domains that got hit with UDRPs. These domain owners bought the domains because three character .COMs are known to be some of the best investment-grade domains.

So now I’ve changed my tune. In general if you own a valuable domain name, i.e. something that’s worth six-figures, the reality is you could be a target of a UDRP because people are using it now more than ever just because they don’t want to pay six-figures for a domain name.

I used to make my own landing pages but moved most of my domain names over to Efty some time ago and have been really impressed with the landing page options they have. While Efty has some pretty awesome “for sale” landing pages like this one:


They also have great UDRP-safe landers that actually are called UDRP-safe on their site so it’s easy to find them, that look like this:


So if you are looking for an easy way to get landing pages on your domain names to make it easy for potential buyers to contact you but don’t want to take any chances, Efty does have you covered. If you want to be extra, super, ultra safe, you can also even remove the text that says “This domain name may be for sale” or even change it to something like “This domain name is not for sale.”

It’s easy to customize landing pages on Efty so you can also just take any of their existing “for sales” landers and remove the text from them and customize it so that it looks almost exactly like the UDRP-safe lander. That being said, since these are already built-in it couldn’t be easier to switch to them for any names you want to keep safe.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton