A Simple “For Sale” Landing Page For Domains

The more you can do to make it easier for people to a) know that your domain name is for sale, and b) get in contact with you is directly related to how many offers you get on your domains. I’m always amazed when people complain about not getting any offers only to have a parked page and privacy protected WHOIS.

While you might have some incredibly premium domains in your portfolio that you want to wait and hold out for that one magical buyer, there’s a good chance that most of the domains in your portfolio you’d be happy to sell.

One of the easiest ways to get more offers on your domains is a “For Sale” landing page. While you could hire a designer to build a custom page for you, I’ve often found that sites like ThemeForest tend to have more than enough templates that can do the trick, and most are under $50.


My new favorite “For Sale” landing page is called Domain Broker 2 and it’s available for sale for $11 on Themeforest. I didn’t make it and I don’t know who did make it, instead I like it, and it’s cheap and easy to get setup.

So if you’ve either been looking for a good landing page for domains you are trying to sell this might be exactly what you’re looking for. Just remember, the easier you make it for a potential buyers, the more offers you’ll get and the more sales you’ll make.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton