A few reflections on blogging for 10 years


It’s pretty crazy to think about that fact that this October I will have been blogging for eleven years. When I started by blog I actually never planned on writing a regular blog, I just wanted a way to put my thoughts somewhere that I could look back on years later. Fast forward to today and blogging has become a part of my daily life.

I’m not sure how many of my friends know that I have a blog, I’d say it’s probably less than 50%. Blogging isn’t something I talk about much, but it is something that I do, almost every day. Tonight I had dinner with my Mom in Berkeley and we were talking about my blog and it got the gears turning so I thought I’d share some reflections about blogging for the last ten years:

  • After a while, blogging just becomes something that sits in your mind, every day, that you can’t get out of your mind until you write your post. Days that I don’t blog are tough, I feel guilty but at the same time I find some of my best posts are those that come after I missed a day.
  • In the beginning negative comments used to eat away at me, now they don’t bug me at all. In fact, I find that if I go a while without any negative comments I get worried…
  • I’ve learned the hard way many times that if you don’t approve comments quickly, you can accidentally offend people without even knowing it. When I’m busy I can go 24 hours without reviewing my comments. While regular commentators automatically get approved, new people need to be approved…if I’m not fast enough I usually find a stream of comments yelling at me for not publishing their comment.
  • Sometimes I meet someone at a conference that has been reading my blog for years and we have an instant connection, that never gets old.
  • When I write a blog post that gets a lot of comments it’s hard to not feel good about it, I still get excited when a post takes off and starts a whole new conversation about readers, this feeling also never gets old.
  • For some reason I don’t get writers block, haven’t since I started blogging. Every day I sit down and have things to write about, maybe that means I have ADD?

At the end of the day I can’t imagine my life without my blog, it has become a daily ritual and something that gives me a chance to just step away from my busy daily life and just sit down and write. As I’ve said many times before I plan on blogging well into my hundreds and I look forward to sharing that adventure with all of you.

Thanks for reading and if you’ve been a reader for a while now I’d love for you to share how long you’ve been reading (if you can remember) in the comment section below.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton