A cool mil? Flippa customers can now access up to $1M in capital

I did a double-take when I read a recent press release from Flippa last week…but I read it twice and it looks like I did read it right the first time. Like the title of the post says, Flippa customers can now access up to $1M in financing to buy a business from the site or invest in inventory, marketing or other expenses related to operating an eCommerce business.

So how is this possible and where do I get my $1M?

Of course not everyone gets $1M, the amount of capital available to Flippa customers varies, but it can go up to $1M which is pretty darn cool 😎 This new offering comes through a partnership that Flippa recently inked with Yardline, a leading capital-as-a-service platform. The really neat thing about this partnership is that the capital can be used by both buyers and sellers on the platform which I think is really going to accelerate the entire ecosystem.

“The market to buy online businesses is accelerating, and our over 3 million buyers and sellers have welcomed the embedded capital solutions,” noted Blake Hutchison, CEO of Flippa. “With Yardline, we can now match qualified assets with qualified buyers, and streamline the exit and buying experience on the world’s largest e-commerce business transactional platform.”(Source – Blake Hutchison, Flippa)

It’s no secret that eCommerce businesses kicked it into high-gear over the last year and with more people entering the space it feels like Flippa has just minted themselves as the market leader. Getting capital to either buy a business or make sure you’re properly able to scale it can make or break a business and it’s clear that Yardline has a strong background in making capital available, and quickly.

“Providing ubiquitous access to capital using e-commerce platform data is our core strategic asset,” noted Ari Horowitz, CEO of Yardline. “Empowering entrepreneurs on the leading platform to buy and sell online businesses makes Flippa the perfect partner for our Capital-as-a-Service solution.”(Source – Ari Horowitz, Yardline)

So if you’ve been thinking about buying an eCommerce business on Flippa but weren’t sure if you could fund it all yourself, the game has changed. Congrats to both Flippa and Yardline, this really does feel like the perfect partnership! 🎉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton