9 CryptoPunks hit the auction block at Christie’s tonight – watch live here

Tonight is going to be a very special night, nine CryptoPunk NFTs are about to hit the auction block at Christie’s in London. I know many of you are still trying to to understand, how the heck are these NFTs selling for so much? I think most of the world is trying to wrap their head around it.

Two months ago a piece of NFT art from Beeple sold for $69M at Christie’s – you’ve probably seen it before but in case you missed it, here it is – it’s called “Everydays — The First 5000 Days”

Beeple Everydays

What I think makes tonight extra special is the fact that CryptoPunks don’t look anything like traditional art, they are uniquely different. Most people outside of the NFT world that I talk to about CryptoPunks often scoff when I show them what they look like. Yes, they’re pixelated drawings of punks, and yes they’re worth a lot of money, tonight we’re going to see just how much they’re worth to a mainstream audience.

There are nine CryptoPunks hitting the auction block tonight at Christie’s – one of them is an alien which is extra special, that’s the green guy in the middle in image below:

CryptoPunks - Christie's

I’ll be writing a follow-up post about this auction sharing the results and a bit more about why I think this is so special and such a seminal moment in history…but or now, I’m watching the auction and you can too since it’s being stream live on You Tube, just click the play button below and enjoy!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton