5 Brandable Names That Gaming Startups Would Dig, That Aren’t A Zillion Dollars


As I’ve become more and more interested in eSports, I’ve found tons of companies that couldn’t get the .COM they wanted and ended up branding around a .GG. While I get it, .GG could stand for “good game” the reality is that this domain extension is really only known by gamers, most consumers have never heard of it.

For games that you want a more broad-based audience to play, you really still do need a .COM. As usual, my friends tend to come to me for domain advice and I hear the same things over and over, “all the domains I want are taken or cost six-figures.”

This usually leads me down a path of explaining all the different places people can go to find good domains without paying a zillion dollars. One place that I find always has solid names and at prices that aren’t crazy is BuyDomains.

I recently went through their catalog of names and earmarked five domains that I thought would be perfect for a gaming company, all under $25k.

My personal favorite is Druids, but as a former Dungeons and Dragons geek I’m a bit biased. I used to play a really fun physical game (remember those?) called Kerplunk as a kid that’s a bit like Jenga. If you’ve never played Kerplunk, here’s a little video of it in action in the most 70’s video I’ve ever shared on my blog 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton