5 brandable domains for $2,500 or less on CheapDomains.com

I’m always a fan of marketplaces that offer BIN prices at levels that early-stage startups can afford, and I’m an even bigger fan of those marketplaces that go a step further to offer flexible leasing options. CheapDomains.com, a marketplace launched by serial entrepreneur and angel investor Ken Lawson.

While I think there are plenty of startups out there who could likely spend a lot more on a domain, early-stage or B2B startups can often get away with a lower budget, the challenge is finding good domains listed at a price they can afford.

I was recently talking to a friend who is looking for a new domain for her startup. When I showed her CheapDomains.com she was surprised at how many domains were priced at $2,500 or less. So I thought there are probably other startup founders who read my blog who might benefit from also knowing about the names that Ken has made available.

Below are five brandable domains $2,500 or less that caught my eye…

SalesClerk.com – $1,299

BrightCampus.com – $2,500

InteriorSpaces.com – $1,500

TrafficRewards.com – $1,500

SpeedRanking.com – $999

You can see a full list of domains available on the CheapDomains.com marketplace here

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton