3 WordPress Power-User Features You Should Know


Maybe you’re just getting started with WordPress, maybe you’re a pro, either way there might be a power-user feature or two you still haven’t tapped. While WordPress is absolutely packed with features and I could probably write about 100 different power-user features I always like to net things down to what I think is the most important.

Ready to rock? Here we go!

  1. Shortcodes – if you don’t know what shortcodes are then I’m about to blow your mind. Shortcodes are little snippets of code that badass programmers have written so that you don’t have to. These are called with the following notation [shortcode], easy right? If you want to dig deeper here’s a great article from Smashing Magazine about WordPress Shortcodes.
  2. Scheduling posts – while you might be saying, “okay I already knew this one Morgan!” Some of you might be saying, “What?!?” Yes – you don’t have to publish your posts when you write them. This is a feature I use just about every single day since I write my posts often at night and then schedule them to publish the next day. All you have to do is look on the right-hand side under “Publish” when you’re writing a post. You’ll see a little calendar icon with the words “Publish immediately” and click “Edit”, now you can schedule your post to go live anytime in the future, or the past if you really want to get crazy.
  3. Turning off comments on a per-post basis – sometimes you want the whole world to comment on your post, sometimes you don’t. You can actually turn off comments on a per-post basis. All you have to do is scroll down when you’re writing a new post and uncheck “Allow comments” and boom, comments will be closed.

Like I said there are a lot more power user features than this, feel free to share some of your favorites below or comment on any of mine. Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton