3 Quick SEO Tips You Might Not Know

It’s 2013, the SEO world was changed forever in 2012, and now your head is spinning trying to keep up with it all. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, but the sky might not be falling as much as you think. Places like SEOMoz and Search Engine Land can help you get back on track. Today Search Engine Land did a great article about 9 SEO Quirks Your Should Be Aware Of. Sometimes nine can be a lot to take in so I picked my three favorite and thought I’d share them with you, if you’re feeling ambitious dive into the whole article and learn them all.

SEO has a lot to do with many small changes all working together, these three changes won’t take much time but can make a big difference over time.

Use Dashes Not Underscores For File Names & Folders – if you’re a UNIX geek you may be tempted to use underscore to connect two words, don’t do it, the search engines would prefer a dash. This is easy to change in platforms like WordPress.
  1. Avoid Using Dashes In Domain Names – sure, domains with dashes can rank just as well as any name but Search Engine Land makes a good point, “While I do not know of any technical reason not to use dashes in domain names, from a practical perspective, they look cheap and compromising. That may raise a caution flag when you reach out for links and citations.”
  2. Use The Vertical Bar As A Separator In Your Title Tag – this is an oldie but a goodie. That vertical bar that you can never seem to find a use for has value after all, use it in the title tag and make the search engines happy. In this case Vertical Bar beats Dash.

As always feel free to share your own tips or comment on any of mine!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton