Zenscrow.com Makes Life Easier for Domain Buyers and Sellers

I recently found-out about a new Escrow service called Zenscrow. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now then you know that I fanatically recommend Escrow.com which I use for every single domain transaction on the planet above a few hundred dollars. Using an Escrow service is an absolute must whether you are buying or selling domain names since in many cases you are doing a four, five, or six-figure transaction with someone you’ve never met before. Escrow services provide security for both the buyer and the seller so both sides win. I’ve found that when selling domains to end-users, Escrow services are also essential to making new buyers feel comfortable.

There’s a new service that recently launched, Zenscrow.com, which allows you to sell, lease, or pay for domains using a payment plan. This is a great idea since it lowers the barrier to entry for domain buyers and allows sellers to offer more flexible payment options. If there is a domain name that someone really wants but they can’t afford to pay the full price, a payment plan can help them pay over time while offering the security of an Escrow service to the Buyer. This also makes it easier for sellers to offer names at the prices they want or to lease domain names which is another popular option that has been tricky to institute in the past.


One of the things that impressed me the most about Zenscrow is their domain monitoring offered to domain sellers. Zenscrow actually monitors the domain name and makes sure that while a buyer is making payments, they aren’t doing something that could negatively impact the domain like building a ton of low-quality backlinks. This quells a major concern for most sellers that have legitimate fears around getting a domain back after six-months only to find-out it’s been de-indexed from Google.

I’m looking forward to using Zenscrow for the first time this year, it’s definitely a service that myself and many other Domainers have been waiting for!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton