Your Feedback Is In! Here’s What I Learned From My Readers

Yesterday I asked you, my reader, if there was one thing you would change about my blog, what would it be?

I got some absolutely fantastic feedback and, as intended, I will be using it to drive new features, updates, and focus on my blog. This is an exercise that I also plan to do a lot more as I think it was incredibly valuable and since I’m writing this blog for you, not me, I want to know what you you think!

So here’s a roundup of the feedback I received along with my action plan for each suggestion:

  • More Freebies, Contests, and Prizes – cool! This was great feedback and the gears are already turning for a contest I can run in the very near future. I can definitely do more of this and if you are a regular reader you can expect to win some cool things over the course of this year!
  • More Case Studies – I love doing case studies and am glad to hear you love them too! Right now I feature about one case study per week, I’ll be doubling this almost immediately and trending up to three a week which I think will really help all of you get a deeper dive into what I’m up to.
  • Typical Business Activities – a great piece of feedback here to include more about what I do on a typical day. What a cool idea, I’ll be doing this more often as well so you can understand how I split my time and maximize efficiency.
  • WPTouch for iPhone Visitors – heck, I read a ton of blogs on my iPhone and I’m sure other people do too. WPTouch integration coming soon!
  • Make Font More Readable – I had a few comments about the stylized anti-aliased font that I am using being hard to read. I will be changing the font on my site so it is crisp, clear, and much easier to read.
  • Posts from other Industry Leaders – this was an interesting comment and something I haven’t thought of much before, now I’m thinking about it and already have some great ideas of a few people to add that could share some of their knowledge, particularly in areas that I’m not as experienced.

Along with this excellent feedback, I was also quite touched to read some very kind words from some of my readers. This means the world to me, below are a few of the nice comments that came through yesterday:

“Morgan i wanna to congratulate you for the way your blog looks so many times recently and i was waiting for the right moment.
I think your blog looks very very good the way it is now,i do like it a lot.
You came a long way from a year or two yrs a go.I do like the colors, very well chosen.I don’t comment a lot on your blog because most of your post are about seo and info on building a site,but other that that keep up the good work.
Most of all i like your passion.” (Rich)
“You’re my favorite domain investor/developer! You’re the most relateable for someone who got into domains in recent years. Not every article is applealing to me, but there are usually a couple every month. But variety makes baseball – those articles I don’t read are exactly what other fans are looking for!” (Louise)
“You do a great job! Keep up the good work…” (Leonard)

Thanks for all the great feedback, I can’t wait to start making these changes and enhancements. By providing me with what you want to see on my blog I can continue to innovate and make my blog better every day! If you have more feedback please send it over, the more feedback the better!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton