Your Biggest Barrier To Selling Domains Is You

I’ve heard the same story over and over again. “I have my domains listed for sale everywhere but they’re just not selling.” While there are a good number of Domainers out there that can sit back and wait for offers, most people (myself included) need to actively sell their domains. No, listing your domains for sale is not active enough, it’s a good start, and you can definitely make some sales, but if you want to really grow your business you’ll need to put on your sales hat, or hire a great salesperson.

That is why I say that the biggest barrier to selling domains is you. That’s right, in most cases you are your own worst enemy. Many new Domainers task themselves with buying domains and their plan looks something like this.

  1. Buy expired domain names
  2. List them for sale everywhere
  3. Wait for a sale
  4. Complain when nothing is selling

If you look at companies like Domain Holdings and Igloo, they have clients with massive names, great one word .COMs worth six and seven figures. The owners of these names are not simply listing them for sale and waiting, they’re hiring brokers that are emailing, calling, and hustling like crazy to do it.

Now here’s the disconnect many new Domainers have. They contact these brokerage houses with their three and four-figure domains hoping to get a talented salesperson actively marketing their domain. In most cases this is not going to happen, you need to be your own brokerage company or hire an independent broker to really hustle it for you. Be realistic, most of your names aren’t five and six-figure names, sure they could sell for that but if you’re just starting out be comfortable making sales in the three and four figure range.

It’s all about cashflow and if you’re not bringing anything in trying to market your names at five and six-figures, maybe you don’t have five or six-figure names. Be realistic with your pricing and get active, contact potential buyers via email, call them on the phone, follow-up, then follow-up again. That is sales and that’s what it takes for 90% of Domainers to sell their names.

So stop feeling like you’ve tried everything because chances are you’re really not doing enough. Yes, list your names for sale on popular domain listing services but if liquidity is what you need, go out there and get it. Sedo sells less than 0.5% of the domains listed for sale, if only 0.5% of your portfolio sold would you be happy? I don’t think so. You need to take the initiative to either sell your domains yourself or hire someone to do it but whatever you do, stop getting in your own way and stop making excuses.

If you have your domains listed for sale everywhere and they’re not selling don’t be surprised, it’s your job to sell them, now make it happen!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton