You can now register a .XYZ domain name for a penny


You can now buy a .XYZ domain name for a penny, which means that $1 gets you 100 .XYZ domains. With domains like selling for $70,000 this might seem like the deal of the century. I see pros and cons to this move, in one way it helps get .XYZ out there and add a ton of new registrations which will likely give them a huge lead in the new gTLD space for the next year.

At the same time, this could also cheapen the TLD giving some people buyers remorse if they feel like the domains they paid thousands of dollars for are really worth a penny. Michael Berkens, the editor and chief of popular domain name blog TheDomains wrote an article yesterday asking domain investors how many .XYZ names they were going to buy. The vast majority of commenters said zero.

Here’s an interesting exchange between two Domainers that I thought did a good job of highlighting the two polar opposite viewpoints:


As I said above, I can understand both sides here. For me personally I have already invested in .XYZ to the tune of around 30 domains, I like the ones I got and while I might pick up a few more for a penny I’m still keeping my focus on .COM when it comes to investing.

All that being said, I know Daniel, Mike and many people on the .XYZ team and can tell you they are a very sharp group. It’s a bold move without a doubt, and given that over 400,000 new .XYZ names have been registered today it is going to drive .XYZ registration numbers through the roof without a doubt.

So I’d say only time will tell if this is a good move in the long run. What do you think? Does this move put .XYZ on the map in an ever bigger way or does it cheapen the TLD as a whole?

You’ve heard my two cents, now I’d like to hear yours. Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton