Yes – There’s A Domain App For That

If you have a large portfolio of domains, let’s say over one-hundred, developing out your entire portfolio just isn’t an option. There are a lot of great platforms for developing your domains one of which has taken an app-based approach, DomainApps. Formerly known as WhyPark DomainApps has taken parking to the next level by offering full-featured apps that can literally transform your domain into an interactive website with a single app.

This week I am migrating a handful of my parked domains over to DomainApps in cases where having a specific app on the site would make a lot more sense. As usual I thought it would be fun to share my experiences with all of you!

As I said above, you can’t develop all your domains and with about 1,200 names total now and around 220 developed sites, I have about 1000 names left parked. For parking I’ve been a big fan of TrafficZ, they have one of the best platforms out there and incredible support. For platform development I like Epik and Protrada, but what about something in between? This is where I see a nice space for DomainApps within my business.

To start with I am going to be testing DomainApp’s credit card offers app on some of my credit-related .COM domains. The credit card offers app generates a list of credit card offers and gives you a nice commission for each person you refer who gets approved. I think this because it generates a site that looks like something the user is expecting to see. Here’s an example of what this app looks like installed on a domain:

As you can see this looks absolutely nothing like a parked site, and if your visitor is indeed looking for a credit card, this really is what they are expecting to see! I will let you know as soon as the site is up and of course share the results as time goes by. Just like Protrada and Epik you can add unique content to your DomainApps sites as well and I might do some experimenting with this later down the road as well.

Of course there are a lot more apps on Domain Apps and I’ll be continuing to build-out more of my domains using these apps. As I do I’ll keep all of you in the loop and let you know how it goes!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton