.XYZ and .HOSTING In Top 10 Reported Domain Sales From Last Week

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – change is coming to the domain industry. Call it a fad, call it a bubble, but I think the reality is new gTLDs will be taking a bigger and bigger chunk of the domain sales board. I’m fairly certain this is the first week in history that a .XYZ and .HOSTING domain made the top ten with 88.xyz ringing in at #5 for the week at $70,000 (source – DNJournal).


Web.hosting which is without a doubt one of the best .hosting names out there sold for $52,500. Considering that Web.tv sold for $45,000 this is a pretty impressive sale and I think shows that we’re still just seeing the early signs of what’s to come.

Now just to be clear because whenever I talk about good things happening in the new gTLD space people always ask me if I’m telling them to abandon .COM and head for the hills. Don’t do that. I still think .COM is where most investors should be putting their money, period, and I don’t see that changing in the near-future. That being said, I do think that new gTLDs have a bright future and making some investments in this space, while definitely risky, makes sense to me.

Whether you put 5% of your portfolio or 25% of your portfolio into new gTLDs is up to you, I’d error on the conservative side. Still, I think if 0% of your portfolio is invested in new gTLDs you’ll likely look back ten years from now at the boat you watched sail away.

Today history was made, and this is just the beginning.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton