Why New gTLDs Could Put Domaining On The Map

There’s been a lot of talk about new gTLDs and the impact they will have on current domain values and the industry as a whole. DNW did a great post sharing data from their survey that showed most Domain Investors think .COM prices will either stay the same or increase. However what about the average person, what do they think?

gTLDs 2012

Let’s face it, the average person has no idea that people have been buying and selling domains for big bucks for the last 15 years. Most people don’t know what Domaining is, but I’ll tell you this, they’re going to soon and gTLDs are why.

Already news surrounding the new gTLDs is getting coverage in major publications and it’s starting to make your average consumer look-into this whole “Domain Thing” that’s been going on around them all these years. I have had more friends and family members bring-up domain names with me than ever before, and it’s because of one story or another that they read about new gTLDs.

The more people that know about Domaining and get involved, the more demand, and thus the higher the prices. The challenge is knowing which TLDs will benefit and which disappear like the .MOBI’s of the world. What do you think? Which TLDs will come-out victorious and which will become a distant memory? Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton