Why I’m Going To Domaining Europe And Why You Need To Be There Too!


Valencia Spain - At Night

We are just days away from 2012 which means it’s time to start planning ahead! There are some great conferences next year with DOMAINfest Santa Monica kicking-off 2012 and Domaining Europe only a few months later. While I know that most of my readers have heard of DOMAINfest, Domaining Europe might be new to you so I wanted tell you why I think it’s such an important conference.

First things first – the conference is in Spain! I have never been to Spain before but Valencia is supposed to be one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The conference is at the Sarolla Palace Hotel and if you get your tickets before January 15th you will save 300 Euros, which is 50%-off and less than $400 USD!

Now for the conference itself, the focus is very exciting and incredibly relevant – ccTLDs and the new gTLDs. These are two very hot topics in the Domaining world and this is the only conference in 2012 that will focus specifically on these. As you all know I’m a big fan of ccTLDs and found that going to Europe was the best way to meet investors in this space. This is an incredible opportunity to meet with ccTLD investors from all over Europe on their home turf!


New gTLDs are going to change the Domaining Industry forever, in fact they already have. With new TLDs comes new opportunities and Domaining Europe will provide some incredible insight into this new territory.

There is an all-star speaker line-up with the Costello Brothers, Braden Pollock, Daniel Dryzek and many more including myself! Opening day begins with a discussion of the opportunities with new gTLDs, followed by a discussion on valuation and negotiation. These two topics are critical for any Domainer and learning some key tactics early in the year can impact your business for the rest of 2012.

Another element I think this conference got right is the balance between education and networking. The first two days of the conference are focused on education, with the next two on networking with other Domainers. Of course evening events will provide great networking opportunities from day one but it’s nice to know that we all get a weekend together to share ideas and forge new business relationships!

From my partnership with PPX to my partnership with iGoldrush, conferences provide a strong platform for making deals and building your business. Domaining Europe offers Domainers an incredible chance to network with Domainers in Europe and expand their knowledge in some very critical areas. Oh, and just another reminder – did I mention that it’s in Spain?

Don’t forget, when you purchase a ticket before January 15th you will save 300 Euros, that’s 50%-off the ticket price and less than $400 USD! Now you know why I’m attending Domaining Europe and why you need to be there too. So what are you waiting for? Book your ticket now and I’ll see you in Spain!

(Photo Credit: betta design on Flickr)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton