Why I Think Google Instant Search Is Bad For Generics and Why Longtails Could Win

This is one of those posts that I know is going to ruffle some feathers the moment I start writing it, see – I’m thinking about it right now. So let me start by saying, this is total speculation, we have no data or no reason to think that anything I’m saying in this post is true or will ever be true. This is a blog, and as such, I like to share my opinions – so here we go!

So I’ve been using Google Instant search heavily since it was released. I’ve found it changes the way in which I search. Now, when I’m searching I find myself picking the first or second option in the drop-down list – it’s usually exactly or very close to what I’m looking for. In some cases when I would normally search for something like “cars” I now see “cars for sale” and think, hmmm, that seems more specifically what I’m looking for – I’ll pick that. Or suppose I’m looking for a current mortgage rages, I type “mortgage” into Google and quickly see “mortgage calculator” and “mortgage rates” are right there. When I type in “domain names” I get “domain names for sale” as the second option in the drop-down list.

Instant SearchWhy is “Find a Grave” the top choice when I type “Find a”?

These are all small examples of what I think represents a potential major win for longtails, and a challenge for generics. Now remember, this is just speculation, no fact here, and definitely no right or wrong answer – just opinion! I think that people that normally search for generic words will now see the list of long-tails and go one level deeper. This gives them a more specific list of sites and gives a huge advantage to owners of long-tail domains that exactly match the search string. Is it possible that in the future a domain like CarsForSale.com could be worth more than Cars.com? Haha – probably not, but a fundamental shift in search behavior is likely happening right now.

I’m not trying to ring the alarm here in any way, but instead, as someone that monitors search very closely I think it is important for us to all realize that something BIG could be happening here. At the end of the day Domaining is not about domains, it’s about traffic. Google is the largest controller of traffic in the world with Bing not too far behind at 38% now. The point is, the money is where the traffic is, so following that traffic is essential for Domainers, Affiliate Marketers, and really anyone that makes money online.

Okay, now it’s your turn to let me have it! What’s your opinion? Think I’ve gone crazy? Agree? Disagree? Share your opinion and let your voice be heard!

(Please remember my disclaimer from above, this is just speculation and should not be taken as a prediction or a warning.)
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton