Why Bing Is Better For Domainers

Did I get your attention? I thought so. When you saw this headline you probably thought, “What, who cares about Bing? It’s a Google world!” and you would be right…however Bing gives Domainers some free search love that you just can’t ignore.

So what’s the big deal about Bing? The first thing you should know is that Bing gets significantly less traffic than Google. Most people think Bing is the #2 search engine out there, those people are wrong – You Tube is! This makes Bing the #3 search engine, however the traffic is nothing to scoff at.

Bing is better for Domainers for one simple reason – they weigh domain names significantly more than Google in their ranking algorithm. I have found this time and time again with many of my own domains as well as those we’ve built-out for clients. The incredible thing is that many times I don’t have to spend a minute building backlinks (one of the most time-consuming parts of SEO) since in many cases you can make it onto the first page of Bing thanks to your exact-match domain.

Google on the other hand is much more concerned with backlinks, specifically one-way backlinks from very reliable/popular sites. Getting your site onto the first page of Google is a lot of work, believe me it’s worth the work, but it’s a lot of work nonetheless.

As more and more Domainers begin to focus on development Bing could create some nice organic traffic right-out of the gate for a newly launched site. This traffic is not only a great way to start generating some income, but can also be used to attract direct advertisers.

The very first day that Kayaking.org appeared on the first page of Bing I received an email from an interested advertiser. I didn’t reach-out to them, they just saw I was on the first page of Bing for “kayaking” and wanted to advertise. Not once did they ask for my traffic, conversion rates, etc. All they cared about is that I was on page one of Bing.

So let me be clear as to what I’m saying here so there’s no confusion. Page one of Google should be your end-goal, but as you get started Bing could provide a nice base of traffic and revenue. I couldn’t tell you why Bing values the domain name more than Google but after a LOT of experimentation I can say with confidence that it does…and as a Domainer I just have to say “Thank You Bing!”

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton