Who buys expired domains more, Domainers or end-users?

An interesting question came up in a post I wrote a couple of days ago about .IO sales. I said that I think the sales we see on Park.io are mostly investors, a reader of mine chimed in and suggested that they’re actually likely end-users.

Now I don’t have any official data from Park.io but my assumption has always been that expired domains are bought mostly by Domainers. When I say mostly of course I don’t mean 100% but I personally believe that a majority (i.e. well over 50%) of expired domains are purchased by domain investors.

When I talk to startup founders or generally anyone trying to understand the domain name market, I always bring up the option of buying expired domains…and it’s like explaining an entirely new world to them that they never knew existed. I just don’t think that many end-users are aware of the concept of buying expired expired domain names.

For those that do, I think they might know marketplaces like Go Daddy but I really don’t think they would know Park.io. Of course this is just my assumptions, and heck – sometimes assumptions are wrong. So I thought I’d ask you.

What do you think? Are expired domains being bought on Park.io mostly Domainers or end-users? I want to hear from you – comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton