Which do you use more? Instagram or Facebook?

Recently I’ve been trying to become more active on Instagram (follow me on Instagram) and honestly I’m starting to get it, however the fact that it has taken me this long is making me feel old. So it’s no secret that Instagram has taken-off in a major way and Facebook is starting to be known by people in their teens and early twenties as the platform that their parents use.


That being said I get way more interaction of Facebook than on Instagram (yes – I’m an old guy now) so I’ve started to become a bit more introspective and look at how I can make sure not to just stick with the platform all my friends are using but instead move forward with what the rest of the world is using.

What I like about Instagram is that I’m a photography nut. For those who know me you know that I take a lot of photos. I’m not a great photographer but I do consider myself a documentarian, I find every single day of life amazing and I love documenting it and words can’t possibly explain what a photo can.

On Facebook most of what I post is photos, which means the transition to Instagram hasn’t been a huge transition. I’m still trying to start using Snapchat but that might be too large of a leap for this old guy.

So my question to you is, which do you use more? Instagram or Facebook? Also please share your age as I’m curious to understand what age groups use each platform.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton