Where do you go to buy expired domain names?

expired domains

I had a friend recently ask me where I go to buy expired domain names. She was looking to change the name of her company and didn’t have a specific domain in mind so thought that buying an expired domain would be a good path to getting a solid name without breaking the budget.

For me personally I find Go Daddy and Park.io are the two places I visit the most to buy expired domain names. Typically Go Daddy is where I go for .COMs and Park.io is where I go for .IO domains which I’m a big fan of and I find a lot of startups like too.

That being said, it’s not that I don’t like other marketplaces that sell expired domain names, instead I’m just a creature of habit and these are my two go-to sites for expired domains because I’ve been using them for years. Of course Go Daddy has been around for a lot longer than Park.io so it’s safe to say that Go Daddy has been the site I’ve been buying from the longest.

Still there are a lot of other great places to buy expired domains so I’d hate for someone to make a decision based on my preferences since I’m not sure there’s any incredible rhyme or reason to them. Which is why I’m now turning to you, my reader to share where you go to buy expired domains.

I want to hear from you (and I’m sure a lot of startup founders looking for domains do to) – so comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton