What’s Your Biggest Domaining Blunder?

In the world of Domaining, hindsight is always 20/20 and many of us that now make a living with domains started-out by making some pretty major mistakes. Of course, as with anything in life there are those who make a mistake and give up, and those who learn from it. The road to a successful business is Domaining is full of blunders and if you’ve never made a mistake, let me be the first to say (in a booming voice) Bullshit!

So I thought it would be fun to share some of the blunders we’ve all made in our journey’s in Domaining. Since I’m the guy writing the post I thought I’d share two of my blunders to get things going.

Spending tens of thousands of dollars on domains my first six-months in the industry – like most new Domainers I saw a few lists of domain sales and thought, “I can register names like those!” I went on the famous domain name buying spree that kills so many Domaining businesses before they even start. Luckily one of my first developed sites made back every penny I had wasted and then some…but I still did drop over half of the names I had bought in my first year, and yes it was painful.
  1. Investing in .MOBI – like many other Domainers I thought .MOBI would be the future, heck, everyone was starting to browse the web on their phones, .MOBI seemed like an obvious choice. Then Smartphones got smarter and the reality quickly set in that there was no unseating .COM. People stuck with .COM domains and just built mobile-friendly websites. I lost quite a bit of money on .MOBI, it was once again painful, but I can tell you it did teach me to dip my toe in the water with new TLDs before betting the farm.

There are two of my Domaining blunders, now it’s time for you to share one, or two of yours. Don’t be shy, be proud, the mistakes we make and live through are the ones we often learn the most from!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton