What’s Going On With The Top Three Domain Sales Of 2013

2013 has yet to see a reported sale north of $375,000 which doesn’t mean there hasn’t been sales above this range, it just means that none of those sales were reported. Still there have been some nice six-figure sales and I am always interested in looking at what happens to these domains after they are sold. It can take months or years before a buyer does something with a name but you can bet that most people buying in the six-figure range have big plans for the domain they just bought.

So let’s take a look together at the top three reported sales so far this year and see what they’re being used for now.

Booker.com – Private Sale – $375,000


Originally called GramercyOne, Booker.com is a great example of a company that bought much more than a domain name, they bought a brand. I don’t know about you but I am way more likely to remember the word Booker than GramercyOne and the company has extended the use of this brand to other segments of their brand like SpaBooker and SalonBooker. The funny thing is while they do have SalonBooker.com, they are using Spa-Booker.com for now, is another Booker-related sale coming?

Mojo.com – DomainAdvisors – $300,000


Sold by DomainAdvisors in mid-February I’m not surprised to see this one isn’t developed yet but I’m sure the new owners are hard at work on the site. The domain is privately registered and there are a number of brands that actively use Mojo in their brand name like BoxOfficeMojo.com, Mojo4Music.com, and MojoOutdoors.com to name a few. Any of these companies could do great things with the name but all of them look like smaller players so I’m guessing this is a new brand or a company that is re-branding around this solid 4L .COM.

Apuestas.com – Sedo – $221,100


Apuestas means “Bets” in Spanish and this domain name was purchased by Overtime Production, a sports betting company in Denver. This means that we are likely to see a sports betting site going up on here sometime in the future. The online gambling space is still uncharted territory but when it comes to a great spanish .COM related to online gambling, this is one of the best. Still it could be some time before we see this name developed. Overtime Productions does own about 50 domains so this could also just be another addition to their portfolio.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, there are still plenty of big sales happening but as with most big deals the buyers aren’t always that interested in having the sales price made public. As someone that signed his fair share of NDAs last year I can tell you that big deals are great for your bank account but not always great for bragging rights. I can also tell you that short brandable .COMs are hotter than ever, even if only a fraction of those deals get reported.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton