What Keyword Phrase Has A CPC Of $251.24?

I was reading an article today on TechCrunch that referenced SpyFu’s list of keywords with the highest CPC. At the top of the list is the mother of all expensive keyword phrases, Mesothelioma Attorney Seattle at a price of $251.24 per click. That means that if it takes ten clicks to get a customer, an attorney could spend over $2,500 just getting a single customer, which means that the attorney is making some serious money off of these leads. Of course I couldn’t tell you if a customer converts with every click, every ten clicks, or every one-hundred clicks but people have definitely figured it out and good old competition has left this phrase with a CPC of $251.24.

In fact Mesothelioma takes the cake for some of the highest CPCs on the planet which means that guy who just passed you on the freeway in a new Ferrari could very well be a Mesothelioma attorney. Of course there are plenty of other terms with high CPCs, below is the list of the top 25:


Now don’t go rushing out to buy as many of these keyword domains as you can. As I’ve been saying for years, it takes a lot more than a good domain to rank well and Google has recently dramatically reduced the value of exact-match domains in search. Still, it has been proven that having at least one of the keywords in the domain could make searchers more inclined to click on your site, and the more clicks you get, the higher you could rank.

At the end of the day though it all comes down to building a real site with valuable content and high-quality backlinks. I’ve talked about this a lot but if you want a good refresher make sure to read my post from last week – Why Your Developed Domain Isn’t Getting Any Traffic.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton