What is the “right” registration price for a new domain name extension?

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Now that we are well on our way into the new gTLD process I thought it would be a good time to poll the domain community on what pricing seems to be working and what isn’t. Without a doubt it is clear that the registration price of a domain name directly impacts the growth of the TLD but price it too low and you’ll have to sell millions to make a profit. Price it too high and you’ll have trouble selling 100.

Another important factor to consider is that not all domain name extensions are created equal. Strings like .GURU, .CLUB and .BERLIN are just naturally going to be more popular than something like a .HOLDINGS that is a bit more niche. For the sake of this poll let’s just assume all domain name extensions are created equal.

Of course it wouldn’t be fair for me to write this without sharing my own opinion. First I think a price-range is a fair answer since none of us have a crystal ball. I think the sweet spot is between $20 – $40.

Now it’s your turn – what do you think? Comment and let your voice be heard!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton