Are you a “Startup Guy”? If so Banana Republic has your style…or does it?

This is one of those things you really do have to see to believe and yes, it pretty much solidifies the depth at which startup culture has in some ways gone mainstream. Banana Republic recently announced a new style for the summer, and the name of the style is – “The Startup Guy”

Source - Banana Republic

Source – Banana Republic

I still personally can’t get used to the whole “shoes without socks” look but I can tell you it’s a real thing in the startup style world. While I applaud Banana Republic for trying to nail this trend, I can tell you that most startup founders just aren’t this trendy, yet, but of course that could change.

Indeed, some people think that Silicon Valley has no style at all. “Vanity Fair struggles to find Silicon Valley’s ‘Best Dressed,’” ran a
headline from ZDnet

, for a list of fashionistas that sometimes hailed from outside the Bay Area. But, if you can’t beat ‘em, why not join ‘em? Banana Republic has taken the bold move of transforming anti-fashion into the summer’s must-have threads. You can check out the entire line


. (Source Venture Beat)

Now here’s the million dollar question for all the “startup guys” who read my blog, does this look like something you would wear?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton