What Happened To WeddingFlorist.com?

As many of you know I held an exciting contest on my blog to buy a domain name for $1,200 from one of my readers. With over 120 comments this post caught a lot of attention and had some great names submitted to it. I spent the weekend crunching the numbers and picking a domain from those submitted. In the end I choose WeddingFlorist.com as the winner and sent a congratulations email to the owner.

A day later I hadn’t heard anything back so I sent another email this time trying both the email address on the WHOIS as well as the email address used to submit the comment. The next day, still nothing. So I tried calling the phone number on the WHOIS record, wrong number.

Of course I know people are busy so I waited another day, still nothing. I tried emailing again over the weekend but am sad to say that I don’t think the owner of this domain exists, or if he does, he doesn’t seem to have the correct WHOIS information or email address in his blog comment.

I would still love to buy this domain so if anyone reading this post happens to know the owner, let him know I’d still like to buy the name. If not then I will be buying my second choice name which I’ll announce later this week. Still, I’m a nice guy and fair is fair so I want to make sure I’m giving the owner a fair chance. Heck I know that this is a great time for a vacation and many of us unplug on vacation so I’d hate for him to miss my emails while he’s enjoying some R&R.

So I’ll give it until Wednesday of this week. If any of you happen to know the owner if you could be so kind as to ping him that would be great. Either way it was a very successful contest and I will be buying a name from one of my readers for $1,200…that name might just not be WeddingFlorist.com.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton