Welcome To The New MorganLinton.com

Hello and welcome to the brand-new MorganLinton.com! This change has been a long time coming and given that my life completely changes in October, I wanted to make sure that my blog changed with it.

This particular redesign has been in the works for some time and has been influenced by some of the top bloggers on the planet. Making a change like this has very little to do with writing code or tweaking configuration settings and a lot more to do with user experience. I have had some great feedback over the years on how I could improve my blog and a lot of this feedback has made it into the new version. Below is a summary of the main changes I made:

  • Focus On Content Not Ads. I put a lot of time into writing great content for this blog, at the same time I have a lot of great sponsors, many who have stuck with me for 3+ years. My goal with this next version was to balance the ads and content better on the site. On October 1st all animated ads will be replaced with static ads so it’s only getting better. At the same time I plan on writing more posts about my sponsors, what they do, how I use them, and some sweet special offers for all of you.
  • Better Mobile Experience. More and more of my audience is now reading MorganLinton.com on a mobile device, however my blog didn’t look very good on mobile. The new theme that I am using is optimized for mobile so my blog will look just as sharp on a 27″ Apple Cinema Display (my personal favorite) all the way down to an iPhone.
  • Simplified Header. My header was too busy, took up too much space, and focused on the wrong things. Looking at some of my favorite blogs like Chris Dixon and Fred Wilson I decided to simplify my header and reduce the amount of scrolling my readers have to do in order to access the content.
  • A Big Photo Of Me. Two version ago my blog had a huge image of me, I had a lot of positive feedback on this, heck this is MorganLinton.com let’s show a nice picture of me! So I decided to add this back but now have it on the sidebar rather than in the header so once again, you can get to the content as quickly as possible.

I hope you like the new changes, as always I’d love to hear your feedback on what you like, don’t like, and especially cool ideas you have for the next version!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton