Weekend Musings – NYC Edition

Soho NYC

Hello from NYC! The past few days have been a blur but I thought I would do a quick recap since my Weekend Musings have become a nice staple here on MorganLinton.com. At first I thought this series would literally bore people to death, but after only a few casualties, it’s become one of my most popular series posts.

The photo above is from Soho where we have spent most of our time this trip. Since we are starting a company in the fashion space Soho has quickly become our standard stomping grounds. I absolutely love the architecture in Soho and this particular building is one of my favorites. We did some great shopping this week and tried to hit as many boutiques as we could to get a greater pulse on the NY fashion space.

Our trip started out by presenting Fashion Metric at the NY Beta Fashion and Tech event in Manhattan. This was a great opportunity for us to show Fashion Metric to over 300 people and get some great feedback and make some incredible connections.

NY Beta

The rest of our trip was jam-packed with meetings as we traversed Manhattan. Huge thanks to Uber for making it all possible, if you haven’t used Uber you should. We use it all the time in LA and with our crazy meeting schedule it made the impossible, possible.


Last but certainly not least. One of my favorite parts about coming to NY every month (well three times this month!) is to see the new World Trade Center go from nothing to an incredible building towering above New York.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend, as usual there’s a lot more to come but I’m at a friends house now and they are bugging me to stop writing this geeky blog post, so with that I’ll say happy Saturday and I’ll talk to you once we’re back in LA tomorrow!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton