Weekend Musings – Meet My New Niece Heidi

Heidi Straws and Morgan Linton

Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome to my weekend musings. It has been an absolutely magical weekend, I had the chance to meet my Niece (my younger sister’s baby) for the very first time. Let me just say, “Wow”, it really was an incredible moment and so nice for Daina and I to have our first experience as an Aunt and Uncle!

Along with meeting my Niece for the first time we also celebrated my Mom’s 60th Birthday at an awesome new restaurant in the Bay Area called Assemble.

Half Moon Bay

Couple this with a camping adventure in Half Moon Bay with some of my good friends from High School and let’s just say I am feeling great.


Tomorrow we are grabbing lunch with a friend of ours who just sold his company to StumbleUpon (lucky guy!) and meeting with a few other startup people in SF. Then it’s back to LA.

My Dad also got a new house which is where I am now writing this blog post getting ready for dinner after a nice jog and a relaxing hot tub. Can you tell that I’m feeling relaxed? It’s a rarity since I’m usually going at 10,000 MPH. Honestly there really is nothing like spending quality time with family and friends, life is busy but family should alway come first.

So if you’re reading this blog post and getting ready for a Sunday night on your computer, close the lid to your laptop and spend time with your family. Work can wait and let’s be honest, there really is no better way to spend your time than with the people you really care about.

Of course I know right now you’re probably saying, “But Morgan you’re writing a blog post!” Good point, time to close the lid of my laptop and join the fam. Happy Sunday!

Photo Credit: J.Pitt via Compfight cc

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton