Weekend Musings + A Symphony Fit For Hyrule

Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome to my weekend musings. I usually try to include a photo or two in my weekend musings but today I thought I’d shake things up a bit with a video of what the weather has been like lately here in Austin.

Initially the rain was a bit annoying but now I’ve actually grown to like it. We live downtown so don’t have to drive anywhere, I don’t have a commute, so I’ve actually had the chance to really enjoy the rain and I know the lakes have too.

After living somewhere going through a severe drought I can tell you that this is without a doubt the better problem to have. Now if only I could send some of this rain to California since I think we’re in good shape here now.

Last night I went to see something I’ve been really looking forward to, the Zelda Symphony. If you didn’t know it before, it’s about time you know that I’m a huge Zelda fan, have been since I was a kid and last night was a truly spectacular experience in many ways.

Zelda Symphony

The symphony was amazing and after Austin they’re continuing across the US and then onto Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, and back around the world ending in San Jose. It’s incredibly how much time and care is put into the music of a video game like Zelda and for anyone who grew up playing the game, this will be just about as nostalgic as it can get for you.

Now I’m doing some Sunday afternoon emails getting ready for a big week ahead. The Fashion Metric offices once had just four of us, now we’re approaching ten, these are exciting times and while it was nice to escape to the symphony and into the world of Zelda for an evening, I’m looking forward to the week ahead.

I hope you all had a great weekend, as always feel free to share your own weekend musings or comment on any of mine!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton