Weekend Musings – A Dog, On A Motorcycle, In Beverly Hills


Yes, this weekend musings needed a title to go along with this picture. For those who thought I was kidding, here’s the proof, a dog on a motorcycle in Beverly Hills. This picture was taking one Wilshire and Rodeo at the Beverly Wilshire where Daina and I were getting drinks this afternoon. Rodeo Dr. does bring some crazy characters but this one certainly takes the cake. And with that, let’s get started with my weekend musings.

  • Fashion Metric has become our lives. It has been an absolutely awesome week and weekend. This week we found an awesome startup attorney that will be working with us as we navigate the startup world. It’s important to find a great lawyer as early as possible, I did this with my Domaining business and picking Lewis and Linn. Picking a startup lawyer was a whole new adventure and occupied every single morning last week.  Our advisor in Silicon Valley recommended some great options and it was very interesting to compare some great options and find the one that is the right fit for us. This weekend has been devoted to building-out all the mock-ups and designing the flow for the MVP.
  • Don’t think this doesn’t mean that Linton Investments isn’t kicking ass and taking names in the domain world. Simonas, our fearless sales leader has been rocking it with some great sales last month and two new deals already in September. The sales side of my business has grown dramatically this year, the reason for this is my major switch to .COMS and one-word domains. If it’s not a .COM I’m doing only one words, this has been working wonders for me this year.
  • Kayaking.org is also getting a re-make behind-the-scenes, I can’t wait to see what the developers whip-up, the vision has been communicated, now is where I sit back and get to watch it come to life. We have some top notch bloggers that have joined us this year so I really look forward to getting them onto the brand new site. The goal of this change is increasing focus on what produces the most revenue for us, kayak tour bookings. We want to be the Expedia of Kayaking and with over 10 people working on the site I think we very well could make it happen. I am involved less and less in the day-to-day of this site but still give strategic direction and of course close a deal or two here and there 🙂
  • It does feel different being married. I thought that everything would feel exactly the same, we’ve been together for six years, what could change? Going through the entire wedding experience really brought us even closer together, we are in love, just more than ever and closer than we’ve ever been – it is amazing!
  • We are moving to Marina Del Rey in October! On October 1st we’ll both officially be finished with our “day jobs” (or PhD in Daina’s case!) and we want to celebrate this by moving closer to the water. Our new pad has an awesome patio that is right on the marina, yes, this means that most days when we’re working from home, we’ll be working outside.
  • There are no three day weekends. In the current mode we’re in, there are no three day weekends. This isn’t a bad thing, we are in absolute “go mode” ready to maximize this opportunity. This isn’t something that we can leave for a day, Fashion Metric takes time every single day, and it feels great. When you are doing something you love, with someone you love it is an incredible feeling.
  • Can’t wait for TRAFFIC. I am getting really excited about TRAFFIC. Daina and I will be there starting Wednesday night so we can enjoy Thurs and Fri hanging out with everyone before the show officially begins on Sunday. If you’re going to TRAFFIC I highly recommend getting there early, at least in time for Saturdays adventures. You can see what’s on the agenda for Saturday here.

Okay, it’s 8:39PM on a Sunday, time to go back to a great book and get to bed, tomorrow is another big day!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton