Weekend Musings

So I used to do a weekly post called Weekend Musings. It was the one post that took a step back away from my usual articles and instead gave me the chance to share a bit about my own personal life. I stopped doing these some time ago but miss writing them so think I might try to start back up again.

Right now I only have about ten minutes since we’re heading to the Symphony tonight (yes we both are big Classical music fans) so I’ll make this one short and sweet.

So here they are, in no particular order, my weekend musings:

  • I booked my flights for NamesCon yesterday, I tend to wait until the last minute to book them given how my schedule can change so much from week to week. I’ll be getting in on Sunday afternoon and leaving Tuesday evening. I’m really looking forward to NamesCon, it’s always a great way to start the year and I can’t wait to catch-up with everyone!
  • This morning we went to a class about Zazen at the San Francisco Zen Center. If you don’t know what Zazen is, it’s a core part of the Zen practice and is simply seated meditation. While it sounds easy to just sit in silence focusing on your breath, it’s much harder in practice. I really like the Zen center, beautiful building and not surprisingly, a very peaceful place, here’s a photo I took in the courtyard this morning.
  • This afternoon we went to Japantown for lunch and spent some time in one of my favorite bookstores in San Francisco. I’ve been slowly learning to read Japanese and there’s something awe-inspiring about being around so many books written in Japanese. That being said, even when I pick up a book meant for a four year old, I still can’t make it through a single page…so safe to say I have a ways to go.
  • A friend of mine told me about a new Javascript framework called GatsbyJS that I’m really digging. If you like building things in React, you should definitely check out Gatsby.
  • Tomorrow morning I’m going to my Mom’s house to watch the Warriors game from Friday, she’s become a serious basketball fan and I’ve really been enjoying watching games with her. It’s nice to be able to just hop on BART and be in Berkeley 20 minutes later.
  • Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to a comedy festival in SF with two of my good friends from college who also live in the Bay Area. We’ve been trying to get together every month and have been doing a good job of making it happen. It’s pretty awesome that we’re all in the Bay Area at the same time after living in different parts of the country since college.

Okay, that’s it – time to change out of my jeans, put on some slacks, and head to the symphony. I hope you’re all having a great weekend. Feel free to comment on any of my musings or share your own weekend musings in the comment section below.

Either way, I want to hear from you – comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton