Weekend Musings

Hello, happy Saturday, and welcome to my weekend musings. This week has been incredibly busy with the first half of the week jam-packed with meetings in Austin and the second half also jam-packed with meetings but this time up in Dallas. We have been attending the J Hilburn conference over the last three days, if you don’t know J Hilburn, you should, they are the largest custom clothing company in the world and the world leader in getting fit just right.


After the event I can tell you that I want to buy just about every single thing that J Hilburn makes, and after feeling the fabric and learning more about the care and detail they put into every single garment, I think I need some new clothes!

We’re headed back to Austin this afternoon and will probably spend the rest of the day working because, well, we have a lot of work to do all the time and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

I am getting excited about basketball season starting and since I was never much of a Lakers fan (sorry LA!) I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the Mav’s which I think is going to be my go-to team now that we’re here in Texas. If you live in Austin I think you choose between San Antonio and Dallas and I think Dallas is going to have a great year and I’m looking forward to going to some games.

Biking in Austin

Tomorrow we’ll probably take a break in the action for a bike ride along the lake. I’m still getting used to this whole lake concept since to me it’s still the Colorado River (which Austin calls Town Lake). Either way, it is absolutely beautiful and only two blocks from our house, and for those who know me you know I love living on or near the water.

Town Lake Austin

Austin is one of the healthiest cities I’ve ever lived in (and I grew up in Berkeley!) and on the weekends it’s pretty common for just about everyone to grab a smoothie, go for a bike ride, and then end-up at Whole Foods for lunch and a bit of shopping, and I think that’s just what we’ll be doing!

I hope you’re all having a nice start to your weekend, as always feel free to share your own weekend musings in the comment section below or comment on any of mine!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton