Weekend Musings

Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome to my weekend musings. Right now my life is completely focused on Fashion Metric, it is an incredibly exciting time for us and also a very busy time. As our company is growing we’re also adding more people, pushing releases more often and coming up with new ways to engage our customers.

At the same time Linton Investments is at it’s peak with two new team members coming onboard in LA and some of the biggest deals we’ve ever been a part of. While most of my day is focused on Fashion Metric I am always looking for awesome people to add to the Linton Investments team.

This week we moved the Fashion Metric HQ to Santa Monica in the heart of LA’s startup scene. We are working out of Cross Campus one of the top co-working spaces in LA home to over 100 LA-based startups. The LA startup scene is growing very quickly, INC Magazine did a great feature about Why LA’s Startup Scene Beats All Others. Here’s a photo of our new office space in Santa Monica:

Cross Campus

This week Daina is giving a talk in Las Vegas at a very cool fashion co-working space called Stitch Factory and then we’ll be headed up for a week of meetings in Silicon Valley. It looks like I’ll be missing TRAFFIC which is bittersweet since I do absolutely love the show but we have some great meetings lined-up that I just can’t miss. On that note, we have a Fashion Metric dinner tonight here in Marina del Rey and it’s time to start getting ready.

Never a dull moment! I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton