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Happy Socks

It has been another incredibly busy week at Fashion Metric and this has been a working weekend which has kept me away from my blog until this very moment. What you see above are some of the awesome socks we are adding to the platform very soon. While our focus is button down shirts, a good pair of socks or styling tie can go a long way and we have both available.

We are all about making it easy to discover new brands. Happy Socks is one of the fastest-growing sock brands in the world and as you can see from the images above, their socks definitely make a statement. We also have some new shirt brands that will be debuting very soon, never a dull moment!

At Linton Investments we have a new LA-based broker starting next week. Initial training started last week and I feel really good about this latest addition to the team. Another candidate is starting in November so the team here in CA is growing nicely. We have closed some great deals for clients lately and are seeing 3-5 new clients coming onboard each month.

It has been an evolution and when I first scaled my business I focused on hiring lots of people all over the world. Over time I learned that sometimes one good person here can do more than 3-4 people on the other side of the world. I’m not saying outsourcing doesn’t work, but I am saying that there really is nothing like having people on the same time zone and that are just one easy phone call away.

I had a great time at the Southern California Domainer MeetUp on Thursday. Jason and Kevin did an absolutely awesome job putting together a lively and packed event. You can read more about the MeetUp on Jason’s blog.

TRAFFIC is only a few weeks away! I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to make it to the show, I have my sister’s baby shower followed by meetings in the bay area directly overlapping with the show. If I do end-up going I’ll likely be flying in and out the next day, I really want to go but sometimes timing doesn’t work perfectly. So for now I’ll let it be a surprise since I myself won’t really know until a few days before!

I hope you are all having a great weekend, stay-tuned tomorrow for another exciting Domaining MBA Monday. Thanks for reading and now back to your Sunday night!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton