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Four Seasons Lanai

Hello, Happy Saturday, and welcome to my weekend musings. We got back from an absolutely amazing week in Hawaii. We spent the first half of our trip in Maui and then headed to the incredibly beautiful and relaxing island of Lana’i. Above is a picture from our hotel in Manele Bay, Lanai’.

While we had a blast in Maui Lana’i was really the right place for us. A island-wide “no dancing” law in Maui made it difficult to unwind since any restaurant or bar with music made it very clear that any kind of movement that even looked like dancing would be immediately stopped. Having been to Singapore many times where people often think is full of laws I found this very strange since you can dance anywhere in Singapore but nowhere in Maui…weird!

Still we had a blast in Maui but really got to relax and unwind and did the best snorkeling I’ve ever done in my entire life. We took a Catamaran out to the snorkeling spot which was an awesome way to see the island and work on my tan…no tan, just a burn 🙂

Catamaran Maui

We decided to head to Lana’i thanks to an awesome recommendation from David Castello and it was absolutely magical. About a 45 minute ferry ride from Maui the island was bought by Oracle CEO last Larry Ellison last summer. With only about 3,000 full-time residents on the island it really is a complete escape.

Lana'i Hawaii

In Lana’i we snorkeled every day, relaxed by the pool and really had a chance to unwind. It really was an incredibly special place and since this was our actual honeymoon (which was delayed to a year after our wedding due to how busy our lives our with Fashion Metric right now) it was just what we needed.

Lanai beach

While we loved being in Hawaii it felt great to get home today and sit on our patio watching the sail boats head out. We loved the trip but we also really love where we live so it’s a great feeling being home. With New York Fashion Week less than two weeks away this is going to be an intense week but a very exciting one. We’ll be heading to NYC in less than a week and there’s a lot to do.

I couldn’t feel more refreshed and ready for the adventure ahead, never a dull moment! I hope you’re all having a great weekend, Mahalo 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton