Weekend Musings

I hope you’re all having a nice start to your weekend! This has been an exciting week and it’s great to have some time R&R around the house today. So here’s what’s in my head today, as always feel free to share your own musings in the comment section below!

  • Google Wallet marks the beginning of a massive change. Cash and credit cards are going to continue to make less and less sense as we all have smartphones in our pocket. Google is entering a market that I think will become quite crowded over the next few years. Whatever technology wins will literally be printing money but it’s still early and change like this takes some time.
  • The results of my blog survey are in and I have learned a lot from the responses. I’ll be sharing all the results next week but thought I’d share one piece of data below. One of the biggest things I wanted to learn from the survey is which topics people like reading about most on my blog – the clear winner from the survey results is – Domain Development. It’s great to see such strong interest in this topic and you can expect I’ll be putting more focus on this topic going forward!
  • The new gTLDs are definitely helping get more eyes on our space. One of the most exciting things about new gTLDs like .XXX is they’re getting a lot of play in the mainstream media. I think that each new gTLD will bring more interest and awareness for our space. I also think that with every new gTLD that comes out, .COM becomes even more valuable but only time will tell.
  • After two weeks of sorting through photos and videos I put-together my DNCruise 2011 Recap. While I was writing this post I reflected a lot on the conference and the industry. I think we’re all pretty darn lucky to be a part of this space. Once again I am reminded that we are still in the early days of Domaining, for those who think you might be too late, you’re still early.
  • It’s exciting to see the Lean Startup Movement gaining steam. Eric Ries’s new book is selling like hotcakes and he’s been making the rounds and popularizing the heck out of the Lean Startup Methodologies. It’s amazing to see how the awareness around Lean Startups has grown just since April of this year!
  • There’s nothing like a relaxing weekend around the house. Today Daina and I have decided to just hang-out around the house and watch movies. Life is so busy it’s nice to have some downtime. On that note – time to start the next movie! I hope you’re all having a great weekend – feel free to share your weekend musings below!
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton