Weekend Musings

Marina del Rey Walking Path

Hello, happy Saturday, and welcome to my weekend musings. As you know I like to start my musings with a photo from out weekend, the photo below is from our afternoon walk around the neighborhood to the beach here in Marina del Rey. June gloom looks to be behind us (knock on wood) and it feels just like summer today.

We have a good friend coming over this afternoon for a relaxing BBQ on the marina so I’m going to keep this particularly short. Here’s what’s going on inside my head this weekend:

Another incredibly busy week at Fashion Metric – things are going well and we are at a phase where there really aren’t enough hours in the day. New brands are coming onboard and some pretty exciting things will be announced in the near-future.
  • Go team go – the team at Linton Investments has been working hard and doing a great job in my absence. I spend almost no time doing anything domain-related any more outside of making sure things are moving forward and working with new hires. Two new team-members are coming on this month, one executive assistant. Last I checked we sold five domains this month, assisted with the acquisition of three domains for startups and wrote some kick-ass content that people are enjoying and sharing.
  • Silicon Beachfest kicks off this weekend – LA’s main yearly startup event starts this weekend with the SBF hackathon. I will be mentoring teams tomorrow and am really excited to see what all the developers have built over the weekend, it’s crunchtime for them right now!
  • The new Superman Movie rocked – we saw Man of Steel last night and loved it. For anyone who is old like us, you have to realize that it’s going to have a very different feel from the original. That being said I think it will inspire a whole new generation and the action scenes were absolutely awesome, must-see in IMAX 3D.

Time to get the BBQ going and top off my glass of wine, I’ll leave you with another photo from our afternoon walk. I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Marina del Rey Beach

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton