Weekend Musings

Marina del Rey Beach

Hello, Happy Saturday, and welcome to my weekend musings! This was an incredibly busy week for us at Fashion Metric. Since most of our days now go from morning onto the wee hours of the night we decided to add a daily walk on the beach to the mix. As many of you know I’m a huge photography geek (not to be confused with a great photographer since I know very little about photography!) so I decided to share pictures of our daily walks on Instagram.

The photo above was one I took this week. We live on the marina just a few short walks to the beach and Marina del Rey has a great walking trail along the Ballona Creek that has become a part of our daily route.

Ballona Creek

We have been using a pretty cool app called Walker Tracker that allows us to track our pace, distance, etc. The funny thing was I said to Daina, I really want an app for tracking our walks. Then I went to the app store, and typed in Walk Tracker and that’s how I picked the app. Just like domains get direct navigation traffic, apps get direct navigation traffic as well.

Type-in traffic is always considered incredibly valuable because you know exactly what a user is looking for. So just like WalkTracker.com is a valuable domain if I’m looking for a website about tracking my walk, the same is true for owning the exact-match app name. I could see being the first person to make an app and thus reserving that app name for yourself could be very similar to owning an exact-match domain.

One thing is certain, apps aren’t going anywhere and they are only becoming more popular over time, but I digress.

One of our highlights this week was having Fashion Metric featured on WearToClick.com. Otherwise most of our week is spent working on Fashion Metric. With startups the phrase “Full time” takes a new meaning and we really do work pretty much all day and night outside of our walks and the 30 mins/day I spend writing my daily blog post.

On the domain front my sales team sold three of my domains last week and we closed a very big deal on the acquisition-side that like most of our big deals unfortunately must remain under NDA. While I’ve decided not to publicly share my own personal sales on my blog any more I am happy to share them over email so if you’d like to know what sold last week feel free to shoot me an email.

Well it’s another beautiful day in Marina del Rey and I think it’s time to walk over to the beach! Hope you’re all having a nice start to your weekend!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton