Weekend Musings

Hello and welcome to another weekend musings! This is really going to be short and sweet as I just got back from DNCruise and am definitely in need of a good night’s sleep! Of course I’ve got some great reflections on the week and I’ll be doing a full recap of the cruise on Sunday.

• Grand Cayman is possibly one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to in our lives. We had a blast at Grand Cayman, from swimming with Stingrays to Jet Skiing with Frank Schilling it was an absolutely blast. It is outstandingly beautiful there and we definitely want to go back for a full week to really get a chance to experience it more!

• David Sam’s gave an amazing keynote on DNCruise. I’ll be talking about it more tomorrow but he really emphasized the importance of doing something with your domains rather than just letting them sit there parked. He also emphasized the importance of apps and having an app for your brand. One of the most insightful and inspirational keynotes I’ve ever seen and really spot-on with where I feel we need to go as an industry. It really is a shame to see great domains parked for 5-10 years when so many people out there would love to build something incredible on them. Joint ventures are critical and it’s amazing that more people aren’t open to them!

• There is a strong interest in Development and Patrick did a great job of giving this excellent focus on DNCruise. All of Friday’s sessions were focused on Development, this is the first domain conference I’ve seen do this and definitely a great idea and very popular with the attendees. Hats off to Patrick for making this happen and really providing solid focus on an area that so many Domainers are interested in.

• It’s all about the people. Life is short – surround yourself with great people. There was a really great group of people on DNCruise and getting all these people together in one place really is magical and inspiring. We definitely made some new friends and of course enjoyed catching-up with old friends. The domain industry has so many incredible and inspiring people in it, we are all lucky to be a part of such a great community.

• Quality time with Daina! This was the highlight of the week for me. Both Daina and I were really looking forward to DNCruise, but also looking forward to some quality time together. We made sure to chisel out some time for just us each and every day. Given how busy our lives are this was really great. Work is intense and being at a conference can be all consuming but we made time for ourselves and made our five-year anniversary truly memorable. One of my favorite moments was in Cozumel where we got a boat for just the two of us and enjoyed snorkeling on two reefs together. I took my underwater camera so you can expect some awesome pictures and HD videos to come! Here’s a quick preview of some of the photos we took on the trip:

snorkeling in cozumel(snorkeling in cozumel)

sea turtle(Sea Turtle – click for full size)

walk on water(learning how to walk on water)

kissing a stingray(kissing a stingray in Grand Cayman)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton