Weekend Musings

Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome to my weekend musings! We have had a great weekend enjoying some R&R in LA. Yesterday we had a great bike ride out to Manhattan Beach and some amazing sushi at a great little spot. Today I’ve felt like I might be getting sick, which, given everything going around I want to avoid so I’m resting up and drinking lots of liquids.

Below is a photo I took during our bike ride yesterday.


I’ll be taking NyQuil and heading to bed in about an hour which means it’s time to get in my weekend musings! Once a week I let you inside my mind, so welcome, step inside:

  • We have been working hard on Fashion Metric and are now deep in algorithm-land. As many of you know, Daina and I are both math geeks so this has been a lot of fun. This isn’t something that is developed overnight, we know there is a long and exciting journey ahead!
  • Exciting start to the Domaining year! 2013 started off with a bang, some solid deals and exciting additions to the team. 2012 was an almost magical year and something tells me 2013 is going to be the same. I think the new gTLDs are giving the general public a greater awareness than they’ve ever had before, and this is a great thing for all of us!
  • WEBfest is less than a month away. I am really looking forward to the show, it’s one of my favorites of the year and my schedule is already filling up. We’re also putting-together a pre-show MeetUp and I’m arranging a hike for anyone that is in town early, if you love hiking and are coming to the show let me know and I’ll add you to the list!
  • Next weekend Daina and I will both be mentoring at Lean Startup Machine, we have a lot of fun helping other entrepreneurs learn about how to be lean. Remember, a lean startup is not about bootstrapping or running financially lean, instead it’s about learning from your customers and not being afraid to experiment.
  • Really appreciating where we live. We’ve been in Marina del Rey for over three months now and I have to say we absolutely love it. Being on the marina and walking distance to the beach is incredibly relaxing. I think this is helping us keep a nice balance in our life as much of our time is spent building our startup. Being in such a beautiful place really has been inspiring!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! Feel free to share your musings below or comment on any of mine.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton