Weekend Musings


Hello, happy Sunday and welcome to my weekend musings. After a great week away in Big Bear we are settled back in at home and back at it! I love how I feel after a week of R&R and the timing was perfect for my end of the year ritual at Linton Investments. Every year I take the last weekend of the year to review my portfolio and decide what I will keep and what I will drop in the coming year.

I didn’t do this my first two years in Domaining and definitely learned a valuable lesson from it. Looking at renewals in realtime isn’t a great way to run and scale a business. If you don’t know that $6,000 in registration fees are due in a particular month you could be blindsided. Luckily it’s easy to avoid this in the domain business since all this data is accessible instantly from your laptop or the phone in your pocket!

This is the only weekend out of the year where I spend the whole weekend being tactical and managing my portfolio on a per-domain level. I don’t think I could ever hire someone to do this task since I buy every domain and have always decided which names we sell, keep, or drop. By this evening I’ll have most of my registration fees paid through all of next year.

If you haven’t done this before, do it this year. There’s nothing like knowing that you have no renewal fees to pay for the year so your total spend on domains can be focused entirely on acquisitions.

Okay, enough about domains! Back to our weekend, we also did an awesome spinning class at our new gym, bought a new bed (Tempurpedic Cloud), and had a blast in Abbot Kinney last night (cool neighborhood in Venice). Tomorrow night we’ll be partying at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. It’s our third year doing a mansion party and they’re hard to beat in LA, always lots of fun and never the same.

Then we dive back into the Fashion Metric alpha and continue working with our early customers to learn how to find them shirts that fit, algorithmically, of course. 2012 was such and amazing year and you can expect to see a reflections post coming later this week with a recap of the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2012.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! As always feel free to share your weekend musings below or comment on any of mine.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton