Weekend Musings

Phew, what a week! This was one busy week, life is absolutely overloaded now and I can’t wait until October 1st when Daina and I can both spend every single day together building Fashion Metric. However, until then life is going to be incredibly busy but it’s important for both of us to transition out of our full-time jobs (PhD for Daina) the right way. This week I spent Wednesday through Friday at CEDIA in Indianapolis. This is my eighth year attending the show which is focused on high-end audio/video. As a big audio geek myself I’ve always enjoyed the show and I can still remember the first year we were there in a tiny space with a few pop-up banners. Now, as you can see below, the booth has grown a bit.


This conference also marked my last trip with Sonos. While I’ve had the incredible opportunity to travel all over the world, I have had to do most of that travel alone. That’s coming to an end, and going forward Daina and I will no longer have to spent days and nights away from each other. I know some people that like to travel and spend some time away from their wife or family. I don’t think I’ll ever be that guy. I love spending every day with Daina and absolutely hate being away, spending nights away has been the hardest. We’ve been together for six years and nothing has changed, I still miss her just as much, the whole distance makes the heart go fonder is a bunch of malarky, life is short and I want to spend every minute I can with her.

Of course there’s no place like home and it was awesome getting back to LA last night and enjoy some time in Venice at First Friday. This was my first, First Friday which is an event that takes place in Venice, not surprisingly the first Friday of every month. All of the boutiques and galleries stay open late and the bars are buzzing with activity. We’ll be moving to Marina Del Rey in October which makes Venice Beach a very short walk from our place! I ended-up buying a very cool shirt from a boutique focused on unique t-shirts from Japan. Every month they go to Japan and hand-select the shirts that will be sold in their boutique, cool stuff, and yes there was a robot on the back of it 🙂

Today we’ve been working on Fashion Metric, catching up on email, and enjoying some R&R around the house. Tonight we’re going out to dinner with some friends, and given that we need to leave in about 30 minutes, it’s time for me to go! No more travel until TRAFFIC, might be my longest stretch in LA ever! I hope you’re all having a great weekend and enjoying time with family and friends.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton