Weekend Musings

Hello everyone and welcome to what will most-likely be my shortest weekend musings yet. This weekend we are doing some very fun things getting ready for our wedding along with an awesome hike coming-up tomorrow morning so the focus is on spending time together doing things we love! As usual this past week has been full of action and excitement starting in Chicago, then New York City, and back to LA. Never a dull moment!

Still it wouldn’t feel like Saturday without letting you inside my head, so here we go:

  • Last week I closed the biggest domain deal of my entire life, and possibly the biggest I could ever dream of being involved in. I am under some very string NDA’s so really can’t say more than that. I’m finding that as I do bigger and bigger deals, I get to share less and less with all of you, I’m sorry about that, just seems to be how it goes. It feels amazing and hopefully in the future I’ll be able to share more.
  • Appraiso v2 is done and going out to beta testers next week! We’ve taken the #1 most-requested featured and added it, along with some other cool things we think our users are going to love. It has been exciting to see so many users appraising websites and giving us great feedback of what they like, don’t like, and what they want to see in future versions – we are listening!
  • Google’s latest Panda update is doing a great job of cleaning-up the web and getting more junk out of the way. Sorry to everyone who was gaming the system making useless mini-sites with low-quality content and ads all over the place. For everyone like us focused on high-quality unique content and sites built for real users this is one of the best updates yet!
  • Speaking of content I am very happy with Media Piston and so far it looks like it is a better solution that TextBroker. Still more testing to do but what I’ve seen so far is very encouraging.
  • Next week I will have video case studies on Protrada and Domain Apps, if you want to look at cool platforms for building-out your names, these are definitely two to watch!
  • Traveling really shows me how unhealthy so many people are in America. Just walking through the airports and seeing what people are eating is actually quite scary. The number of people eating steaks and chugging beers is astounding. I could see a great opportunity for a nice healthy vegan chain in airport, I for one would be a big fan!
  • Speaking of travel, American and United have really lost their luster. I flew on some of the oldest planes I’ve ever been on this week. Virgin America rocks and I’m going to be booking them every chance I get.

Okay, that’s it, hope you’re all having a great weekend and as always feel free to share your own weekend musings or comment on anything I’ve said above!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton